Company Culture

Purely Poultry is a great place to work. Here is what makes us tick.

change. We provide poultry and related products online. This objective is constant even though we are continually changing and improving our processes and procedures. Change is the norm at Purely Poultry. We are always looking for new technology, processes, and procedures. The way that you do your job will regularly change.

passionate. We are passionate about the work that we do. We are passionate about poultry. So passionate that we are constantly launching new products. Our long-term goal is to be launching 7 products every week. We will not rest until we offer every kind of poultry and every related product at the best price conveniently online shipped nationwide.

futuristic. We are always looking to the future. We are always planning the next frontier. We even have names for the next five big, year-long projects that we have planned. We are inspired by the future and what could be. We inspire others with a vision for the future.

professional. We bring our A-game. Even when we bring our A-game we are asked to do more. We all want regular pay raises. Accordingly, we will do our best and accept and implement advice on opportunities to make our time more productive, efficient, and profitable. We will not sit idle around here. We look for opportunities for improvement at both the individual and business level.

knowledgeable. We are a team of highly intelligent people. We live and breathe in a learning environment. We have a tremendous amount of resources at our fingertips. We regularly have opportunities to learn.

collaborative. All work that an individual does will benefit the team and will be improved on by the team. Team members will be asked to weigh in regularly. Some items will come to a vote. Each team member is important and needed.

conflict. We actively engage in healthy conflict on a daily basis. We want team members to disagree, sometimes even passionately. We do, however, at the end of the day want to come to a single specific agreement with a commitment to follow. We encourage questioning the status quo. We ask every team member to offer suggestions and feedback. We work on implementing changes suggested by team members.

friendly. Every day, each team member spends 5-10 minutes with Tyler. Every week we spend at least 60-120 minutes together as a team. We like seeing each others' faces and hearing each others' voices. We like hearing about each other's personal life. We want to lend a shoulder to cry on, a hand to pull you up, and a high five to celebrate your successes. Every single week each team member shares their personal and work woo hoos with the team. Our names and faces are on all of our communication with customers. When we do a great job, customers give us specific praise.

comfortable. We all work from our home offices. We wear what we want. We might be out on the patio or deck, in our kitchen, on our couch in the living room, or in our home office. Regardless of where we are specifically, we are there because we want to be there. We love our space, and we enjoy what we do. We might even be working from the beach or at a soccer practice, but we do it because we want to, not because we have to.

competitive. We compete with our past selves regularly. We are here to grow our productivity, products, sales and profitability. We measure our progress. We celebrate our successes.

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