Coop N Compost Odor Neutralizer

Coop N Compost Odor Neutralizer
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Coop N Compost Coop Odor Neutralizer

Don't you dislike smelly pens and the need to rebed constantly to get rid of the odor? No need to worry, the Coop N Compost Coop Odor Neutralizer is your solution! This powder neutralizes the troublesome odors naturally! In turn, your nose will be happy and your birds will be happy and healthy. Because this is a natural powder, not only does it help reduce odor in your pens, it makes the nutrients in the manure more plant accessible, which benefits your garden.

The Coop N Compost Coop Odor Neutralizer is a dual-purpose powder that reduces the odors and moistures in your poultry pens, extends the life of the bedding, and improves your compost quality for your garden. Before adding this product, clean the pen, apply the product by sprinkling the powder generously over the moisture, then re-apply the bedding. Make sure you clean your pens every 1-2 weeks. If you are using the deep litter method, sprinkle the Coop N Compost Coop Odor Neutralizer over the old bedding every 1-2 weeks before adding on new bedding over the old.

Ingredients: Zeolite in the granule form. Zeolites are highly porous materials, synthetically made to absorb moisture particles in many shapes and sizes.

Net Weight: 1.75 pounds

  • Model: CNCO

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