Corid Powder (amprolium)

Corid Powder (amprolium)
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Corid (amprolium) 20% Soluble Powder Coccidiostat

The packet is 10 ounces, and each 10-ounce packet of Corid treats 128 gallons of water. The active ingredient in Corid is Amprolium (20%). Corid is meant for treating young and growing meat chickens, laying chickens, and turkeys.

Corid Soluble Powder is used for the treatment and prevention of coccidiosis. Coccidiosis is a very common issue with chicks and young birds, especially broiler chicks. Coccidiosis is caused by internal parasites that live in the cells that line a bird's intestine. As the parasites reproduce, they cause swelling and bleeding and prevent their host from absorbing water and nutrients properly, eventually leading to death if not treated.

Coccidiosis normally only affects young birds; birds over six months old or adults build up immunity.

The symptoms of Coccidiosis include blood in the droppings, a hunched-up or depressed condition, and the inability to properly gain weight. Coccidiosis usually affects chickens from three days to six months old.

Clean husbandry practices can help prevent Coccidiosis. But sometimes it can happen regardless and having a bag of Corrid 128 on hand when raising chicks is a smart practice as catching it as early as possible leads to better success.

To use Corid, dissolve 1 tablespoon of Corid powder into 5 gallons of your birds' drinking water and mix well. The treated water should be your birds' only source of drinking water during this time. Treat for five days and up to, but no more than two weeks. If no improvement in the birds is seen within three days, seek a veterinarian's diagnosis.

If there is an extreme outbreak of coccidiosis, the dosage can be doubled.

Store Corid (amprolium) powder in a cool place out of sunlight between 41°-77°F. Make drinking water fresh daily. Please see the package for complete dosing information.

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Corid Powder (amprolium)

Corid Powder (amprolium)

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