Coscoroba Swans

Coscoroba Swans
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Coscoroba Swans 

  • Breeding season late spring 
  • Clutch Size 4-7 eggs 
  • Incubation period 35 days
  • 7-12 pounds

All our swans are pinioned

Coscoroba Swans are a great way to expand a backyard poultry flock. These birds are long-lived and gorgeous, one of the most beautiful waterfowl.

This species of swan is found all over southern South America as far north as central Chile.The Coscoroba swan lives in shallow areas of freshwater that are surrounded by vegetation.

The wild population is small but stable, and is not considered endangered. The main threat to this species is habitat loss.

Housing Requirements: Introductions to the new environment should be made from behind fencing since the swans need time to adjust. They need water to swim, eat, and mate in.


  • Model: COSS

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Coscoroba Swans

Coscoroba Swans

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