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Cubalaya Bantams Details

Day Old Cubalaya Bantam Chicks

Hatching February to August.

We carry Black Breasted Red Cubalaya Bantams and the Wheaten Cubalaya Bantams. A miniature size of the Cubalaya standard chicken breed and admitted to the American Poultry Standard of Perfection in 1960. The Bantam Cubalaya is a great show bird and hard to find breed. The Cubalaya chicken breed originated in Cuba. Notable features are the pea comb and low carried tail. The males do not produce a natural spur and or the spur is just a nub. The American Bantam Association Bantam Standard recognizes three varieties of Cubalaya -- Black, Black Breasted Red and White. We enjoyed the beautiful large Cubalaya and thought that it should also be bred in bantams. Cubalaya bantams were being listed in show reports in the east already at that time. The bantam Cubalaya should be the same type and color for the large Cubalaya. A bantam female, half Black Breasted Red Malay and half Black Breasted Red Modern Game, was crossed with a Black Breasted Red Rosecomb. From this mating one cockerel was selected and mated to a black Breasted Red Malay bantam. A cockerel from this mating was mated to two large fowl Cubalaya pullets. From this mating the smallest were used to develop the Black Breasted Red Cubalaya bantams. We are one of only a few sources that carry the Bantam Cubalayas.

Standard Weights: Rooster 26 oz, Hen 22 oz, Cockerel 22 oz, Pullet 20 oz

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Cubalaya Bantams

Cubalaya Bantams

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