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Daisy Chicken Coop Plan Details

Daisy Chicken Coop Plan

This 4' by 8' coop holds up to 12 hens.

The Daisy chicken coop is the ideal coop for homeowners that want to begin raising pet chickens in their own backyards. The coop is attractive enough that it won’t be a distraction, but it is also durable enough that chickens will be protected from predators and severe weather. The easy to follow guide is perfect for any person that wants to build his own backyard coop. Notable features include: 

32 square foot of coop floor space, plus the 6 exterior nesting boxes gives ample room for 10-12 hens. Coop peaks at 7 1/2 feet tall and is 8' wide including nesting boxes. 

Coop is raised 2 feet above ground for protection from predators, and is helpful with cleaning and gathering eggs.

Coop is designed to be predator free, draft free, and is still well ventilated. Also includes two sliding windors for natural lighting, with predator proof screen. 

The Daisy chicken coop is a roomy yet functional enclosure that is 32 square feet in size. Up to twelve laying hens can live comfortably in this well-designed backyard coop. The roosting area is removable to make it easy to clean as well as to gather eggs. Six exterior nests are also drawn in the plans. The back doors swing open to allow owners to clean the coop without straining their backs or necks.

The entire building has two feet of clearance underneath to allow for egg gathering and easy maintenance. The space is also ideal for hens that want to rest in the shade during hot weather. Further comfort can be provided by the installation of two sliding windows that can be protected with predator-proof screens. The carefully planned Daisy chicken coop will keep chickens safe while remaining well ventilated.

In addition to the great layout, the design of the Daisy chicken coop ensures that chickens will be safe in all kinds of weather. The materials recommended for building the coop are sturdy and will withstand many severe weather conditions. This durable enclosure will also require only minimal repairs over the years.

The Daisy chicken coop guide is simple to read and makes building a backyard coop possible for any homeowner. The necessary materials are carried by most lumber supply companies, which makes the building process even easier. With detailed instructions and clear illustrations, the Daisy chicken coop plans provide enough information that chicken owners will be able to follow the guide no matter what their previous experience or skill level may be. When the instructions are followed correctly, owners of pet chickens will have a backyard coop that is beautiful, sturdy and comfortable.

The Daisy coop costs approximatley $800 to build, which depends on lumber costs for your area. The Daisy Coop Plan is emailed to you upon purchase. 

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Daisy Chicken Coop Plan

Daisy Chicken Coop Plan

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