Diatomaceous Earth - 4 Pound for Sale

Diatomaceous Earth - 4 Pound Details

Manna Pro Pure Defense - Diatomaceous Earth - 4 Pound for sale

Diatomaceous Earth is a must have go-to product for any type of poultry keeper. DE is an all-natural chemical free alternative and has many uses such as sprinkling it in your chicken coop to help keep down mites and other annoying parasites, as well as placing it in the dust the chickens bathe in. It has a lot of other uses too--including controlling pests and any small animals in your garden or other spaces they habitate--virtually anywhere crawling insects can be found. Another great thing about DE is that because it is not a chemical, insects do not develop an immunity. Once an insect comes in contact, they are dead within 24-hours.

Manna Pro Pure Defense Diatomaceous Earth is made of 85% silicon dioxide. 4-pound bag. 

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Diatomaceous Earth - 4 Pound

Diatomaceous Earth - 4 Pound

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