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Dominique Bantams Details

Day Old Dominique Bantam Chicks

Hatching February to June.

Dominique Bantams are very attractive chickens. They have an upright carriage, and their rose comb gives them a professional, no-nonsense look. The Dominique Bantam Rooster has flowing feathers and well-curved and abundant sickle feathers. Both sexes are covered from beak to tail with striking 'imperfect' barring in black and white.

Production: Dominique Bantams are raised mostly as ornamental chickens. However, they do lay a nice number of bantam-sized brown eggs. Bantams are quite economical - consuming less feed, but laying plenty of eggs for a household.

Temperament: A delightful fowl, the Dominique Bantam is a friendly, and even affectionate chicken. They make fabulous pet chickens and backyard companions.

History: Dominiques are a fully and truly American breed of chicken. Dominique Bantams are a rare, as well as an old, breed, being shown in 1873 at the Pennsylvania APA show. Poultry Monthly magazine even featured a picture of a Dominique Bantam in their issue published in 1889. Dominique Bantams took a while to be admitted into the APA, but they were admitted into the Rose Comb Clean Legged Bantam Class in 1960.

APA Class: Rose Comb Clean Legged Bantam.

Color Description: Feathers of their entire body are barred in black or dark slate gray and creamy white. Dominique Bantams have a red rose comb and yellow beak and legs. Males tend to be a shade lighter than the females.

Conservation Status: Not applicable to bantams.

Weight: Cockerel 26 oz, Pullet 22 oz.

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Dominique Bantams

Dominique Bantams

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