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Dubbing Poultry

Dubbing Poultry



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Dubbing Poultry: Why and How to do it

Some chicken breeds require dubbing for exhibition and it is hard to do it right without the proper help. Stromberg Publishing Company presents you with Dubbing Poultry: Why and How to do it. This 32 page guide teaches you how to dub your poultry in the safest way. There are several articles written by various professionals in the field. You will learn how to dub. You will also learn why to dub. The mini manual contains information on how to dub with instructions, treating injuries by dubbing, the pros of dubbing, and much more! There is a page for sources on purchasing dubbing shears as well. This is a great book and resource for the 4-H'er, breeder, hobbyist, and those that show poultry.

32 Pages including Black and White illustrations. Published 1980.

Dubbing Poultry

Dubbing Poultry

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