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Easter Eggers have their roots in breeds like Ameraucanas and Araucanas and lay greenish to bluish to on rare occasions pinkish eggs.

However, Easter Egger Chickens lay beautiful, tinted eggs that add tremendous pizazz to the egg carton. They are also great fowl to have in your flock or on your farm. They are intelligent and savvy birds, ideal birds for foraging. They are also docile and kind birds, getting along with other poultry. Some individuals will go broody, and they usually make great mothers. 

Easter Eggers also come in an array of interesting colors and patterns. They are medium-sized chickens. They have pea combs, which makes them very winter hardy. And they usually have muffs, fluffy beards, or mustache feathers around their beaks, giving them an inquisitive look. 

These birds will quickly become favorites in your flock.

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Easter Egger Chicken Eggs

Easter Egger Chicken Eggs

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