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Eggs and Chickens

Chickens rank high compared to other livestock such as beef, when it comes to feed efficiency and health. John Vivian writes a detailed little guide to help you better understand chickens in the least grown space and how you can grow your own food to have your chickens produce healthy products for you: both eggs and meat. Being published in 1978, this guide is recommended as it has beneficial information that is still being used today!

From picking out your breed, brooding and care, building coops, providing hen house furniture, feeders, to producing your own feed, this guide is perfect for the beginner or homesteader wanting to start off on the right foot! This is a basic guide with valuable information and an asset to the library.

28 pages Black and White Illustrations and a few black and white photos. Published in 1978.

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Eggs and Chickens

Eggs and Chickens

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