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Electric Fencing Kit - Solar


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Electric Fencing Kit - Solar Details

Electric Fencing Kit

Our Electric Fencing Kit is the ideal way to create safe pasture-environments for ranging poultry. Included in your fencing kit is everything you need to get started:  

Qty 1 - 48" Height, Electric Poultry Netting, 164' Length in your choice of White, orange or posi neg. White and orange are great for wet soils while the posi neg fence is perfect for dry or rocky soils. The options of white and orange are simply a color preference.

Qty 1 - Stafix Solar Panel Complete .5 Joule

Qty 1 - Quick Ground Rod 36" x 1⁄2" Galvanized

Qty 1 - Red Jumper Lead

Qty 1 - Green Jumper Lead

This kit includes the fence itself, which is a light-weight, portable electric netting, a solar energizer, the necessary jumper lead attachments, and a grounding rod. 

This Electric Poultry Netting is 4 feet high and 164 feet in length. You can also purchase a second 164 foot extension that will work fine with this solar energizer. This is high-quality netting, with 3.5 inch vertical spacing, 14 graduated horizontal lines, and 13 step-in posts, perfect for keeping your chickens and poultry in and predators out. This netting can also be used for protecting vegetable gardens and beehives as well as to contain other animals such as sheep and goats. 

This Electric Fencing Kit is designed for portability and works great for pastured poultry and other rotational farm enterprises. The flexibility of the netting allows you to quickly create a protected and safe enclosure almost anywhere. 

It is also easy to move as the posts feature step-ins for easily and quickly pushing them firmly into the ground. The fencing system is lightweight, but be sure when moving and carrying it that you don't roll it up. Tangles are much easier to avoid, and you get better maneuverability if you fold it section by section. 

This is a well-made Electric Fencing Kit made in the USA with stainless steel conductors and high quality long lasting plastic. The vertical stays are rigid and closely spaced which helps prevent drooping. The horizontal lines are spaced at 2.25 inches on the lower rows and farther apart in the upper rows, providing optimal safety. 

This Electric Fencing Kit is designed with a non-conductive bottom-line, which prevents the electric from shorting when there may be long weeds or grass present. We do recommend that the area your electric netting fence is in is regularly mowed and as clear as possible of weeds and grasses for best conduction. Also be aware that in very dry weather or snow, the conductivity of the fence may be compromised.

Certain breeds of chickens and poultry may be able to fly over this netting.

The Stafix Solar Energizer that comes with this kit is .5 joule, and can effectively energize one or two 164 foot lengths of poultry netting. (The kit comes with one 164 foot length of netting.) The Stafix Solar Energizer is a low impedance style, high output energizer, and it can store .63 joules of energy, allowing it to work up to 21 days without sunlight. 

Like the netting, this energizer is easily portable, and quick to install. The solar panel is high quality and comes with a two-year warranty. It is 5 watt monocrystalline and recharges a 12-volt, 7Ah battery.   

Also included in this kit is a galvanized 36 inch Grounding Rod. The Grounding Rod will need to pounded into the ground with a mallet and then connected to the Electric Netting. We recommend that if you are moving this fence out on pasture on a regular basis, that you paint this Grounding Rod a bright color so you can easily find it even in long grass. 

To energize your Poultry Netting, you would need to make two connections using the two sets of Jumper Leads, which are also included in this Electric Fencing Kit. First, you will need to connect the Energizer to the Poultry Netting using the red Jumper Lead, and then you will need to attach the Grounding Rod to the Energizer using the green Jumper Lead. 

This Electric Fencing Kit will allow you to create a safe and fresh pasture for your poultry simply and quickly.

Three options:

Kit with White Netting - great for wet soil

Kit with Orange Netting - great for wet soil

Kit with Posi/Neg Netting - Posi/Beg or Positive/Negative Netting is the best choice for very dry areas, as dry soil leads to poor grounding. The Posi/Neg Netting has two different lines within the netting, positives and negatives, and animals complete the circuit by touching both lines.

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Electric Fencing Kit - Solar

Electric Fencing Kit - Solar

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