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Docile, curious, friendly, and playful, the Emu is considered the second largest bird in the world.

Our 8-12 week old baby emus are approximately 2 feet tall and are DNA sexed. Emus chicks will begin shipping approximately May 1, 2013. They will be shipped via Delta Airlines directly to your local airport for pickup.

Backyard poultry owners who have never considered baby emus could be missing a real opportunity. These large Australian natives are prized for their oil, leather, and low fat meat. Additionally, female Emu begin laying eggs between 2-3 years of age. She is capable of laying between 20-50 dark green, large, and edible eggs per year. Each nutritious egg has an average weight of one and a half pounds.

They require relatively little special care and forage readily, making the emu an excellent choice for anyone who wants to expand his or her small scale poultry operation. Purchasing sexed chicks at least 8 weeks old can reduce the risk of loss during hatching and the beginning of the brooding period for only a little extra cost.

Food and Care: Emus should have a shelter. But do not need heat unless it is below zero degrees. As adult bird each pair require at least ½ acre of pasture surrounded by a strong fence at least six feet high, because of their inquisitive nature and tendency to attempt escape. Young chicks need a brooding area that provides at least two square feet per chick, with adequate heat lamps to keep the chicks warm for the first two weeks.

Older chicks should be moved to progressively larger pens, leading eventually to pasturing at three months of age. Emus naturally graze on grasses, plants, and insects, but they should also receive a commercial diet appropriate for their age twice every day.

Anyone interested in raising baby emus should be aware that these animals require 15 to 18 months to reach a market weight of between 110 and 140 pounds. Adult emus grow to about 6 feet high and will have full coats of light and dark brown feathers. Healthy emus can produce up to 5 liters of oil.

They can run at speeds in excess of 30 miles per hour and take up to 9' in a single stride! Their pens need to be very long (120' or more), although they can be narrow in design.

If you are thinking about becoming an emu owner, remember that an emu, as a rule, requires about the same space that a horse needs. They require thought as to their diet, enclosure, socialization plus they can live for 25+ years in captivity with proper care. They should also consider what they will do with them if they ever have to move or find themselves unable to keep them any longer.

The only reason they became available to the general public in the U.S. was as an alternative to beef. So they were being bred as livestock to one day grace someone's dinner table. Later on the emu farmers here found out that emu oil was also useful, so it (as well as the leather) became a byproduct of the meat industry.

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