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Also Called Francolinus erckelii or Pternistis erckelii They are from the Phasianidae family.

Subspecies Johnsgard in The Quails, Partridges, and Francolins of the World lists two subspecies and F. e. pentoni and Francolinus erckelii 

Range Sudan and Ethiopia also was introduced into Hawaii 1957.

Habitat brushy areas of scrub and grasslands

Description Male and female Erckel's look almost exactly the same. Males are stocky and large with two spurs on each leg. Female Erckel's are smaller and do not have spurs. 

Status in the wild: Least concern

Status in Aviculture: Erkel's are the most popular species of the francolin family in American aviculture.

Breeding: Erckel's Francolins breed in their first year. Francolin hens will lay a clutch of between 5 to 10 eggs in Spring and in fall. Erckel's eggs take between 21 and 23 days to hatch.

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Erckel's Francolin

Erckel's Francolin

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