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Quail Eggs

Falb-Fee Hatching Eggs



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Falb-Fee Hatching Eggs Details

 Falb-Fee Coturnix- translated to English is “Fairy Quail”– originated in Bavaria. This color mutation was imported with the German Collection.

They carry almost no brown shades in the plumage. They are incomplete dominant genetically & dilute almost any color they are crossed with. They are the backbone of the Perl-Fee (looks like a snowflake bobwhite but not to be confused with the unstable Silver “snowies”) & Grau-Fee color mutations as well. 

This bird is very new to the color mutation research in the US. These birds are a MUST HAVE for anyone who loves color mutations of quail. 


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Falb-Fee Hatching Eggs

Falb-Fee Hatching Eggs

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