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Fancy Guinea Keets Details

Fancy Guinea Keets

Keets hatching April to September.

Important Shipping Details:

We do require a minimum of 25 Fancy Guinea Keets for Purchase

Assorted, Assorted Fancy, and Hatchery Choice Options will begin shipping Late April or Early May.

Assorted Rare Colors and Specific Colors will begin shipping in May.

Please be patient, as we are taking early orders, but may not have an actual ship date to you right away.


Fancy guineas are offered in 25 unique colors that are hard to find and beautify your yard.

Guinea Hens reduce the insect population, especially ticks. Guinea eggs hatch into guinea keets. Guinea keets have grown past two weeks old, guinea keets are one of the hardiest domestic fowl.

These birds are bred for the beauty of all the different colors. These are a genetics project.

Fancy Guineas hens start to lay eggs at 28 weeks. In a 32 week season, and lay about 160 eggs. Guinea eggs are about half the size of large chicken eggs.

Meat: 4 pounds in thirteen weeks. Incubation Period for guinea hatching eggs: 26-28 days


  • Assorted includes 4 Colors or more of any of our guinea colors
  • Assorted Fancy includes 4 colors or more which might include: Lavender, Royal Purple, Coral Blue, Buff Dundotte, Buff, Porcelain, Opaline, Slate, Pied, Jumbo, or any of the Rare Assorted Colors.
  • Assorted Rare include 3 colors or more of : Pinto, Brown, Powder Blue, Chocolate, Violet, Bronze, Sky Blue, Pewter, Lite Lavender, Lite Blue, Blonde, Pastel, Ivory
  • Blonde- Soft brown color - Lighter than Chocolate but deeper than Buff
  • Bronze- Variance of Royal Purple - Black with bronze cast Reddish color wing
  • Brown- Pearling is quite bold with dark brown areas mixed with light tan body
  • Buff Dundotte- Soft tan color with pearling over entire body - Females darker
  • Buff- Soft tan color all over varying from near white to light tan - Females darker
  • Chocolate - Similar to Brown displaying less pearling - Brown color in patches
  • Coral Blue - Soft blue color with air-brushed blue around edges of feathers
  • Jumbo - Same as the Pearl Gray only larger, weighing 5 to 7 pounds.
  • Lavender - Steel gray or lavender color with pearling over entire body
  • Lite Blue - Light variance of Coral Blue
  • Lite Lavender - Light variance of Lavender
  • Opaline - Near-white color with pale icy blue cast - faint pearling
  • Pastel - Same base color as Pewter but with a tan tint instead of the gray tone
  • Pearl - Dark gray background with white pearling on entire body
  • Pewter - Pewter gray color - Sometimes streaky but without any pearling
  • Pied Pearl - White on chest, wing and back of any other color.
  • Porcelain - Variance of Lavender - Very pale pastel blue with white pearling
  • Powder Blue - Solid light blue color
  • Purple - Very dark color with purplish look in the sun - Pearled
  • Sky Blue - Same soft blue color as Coral Blue but without any pearling
  • Slate - Solid steel gray color with cream highlights over shoulders/back
  • Violet - Royal Purple without pearling
  • White - Solid white color

Standard Weights: Rooster 4 lbs, Hen 3.5 lbs, Cockerel 3.5 lbs, Pullet 3 lbs

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Fancy Guinea Keets

Fancy Guinea Keets

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