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Fawn and White Runner Duck Eggs

Fawn and White Runner Duck Eggs Details

Fawn and White Runner Duck Hatching Eggs  

Although one has to love the single-colored Runner Duck varieties, there is something about the bi-colors like the Fawn and White. Maybe it is just that they are more penguin-like. But it could be that they seem so domestic, so much a true part of the human farming experience. 

Runner Ducks are one of the most ancient of duck breeds. They originated and were developed in Southeast Asia, bred for egg production. They were also bred specifically for hardiness and the ability to travel long distances over land. The typical day of a flock of Runner Ducks in Southeast Asia would be to accompany the farmer to the rice fields each morning. In the rice paddies, they would hunt and forage insects and weeds. In the evening, they would head back home. 

The first Runners that were imported into Great Britain were probably the Fawn and White Runners. They first appeared in poultry exhibitions in 1877 in Scotland. They were admitted into the APA in 1898. 

Fawn and White Runner Ducks are white mixed with fawn or light brown. The color looks like a mask and vest. 

Starting your new flock of Fawn and White Runners with hatching eggs is a smart and good idea, it is economical and creates feelings of familiarity between you and the hatching ducklings.

Fawn and White Runner Ducks lay great eggs and large numbers of them. They can lay between 100 and 180 eggs per year, better than some chickens. 

Temperament-wise, the best way to describe Fawn and White Runner Ducks is energetic. They are extremely active birds and take foraging seriously. They can seem a bit nervous, but are really not shy birds, seeming to enjoy the company of humans. They are easy to herd and manage as they stick together strongly as a flock. 

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Fawn and White Runner Duck Eggs

Fawn and White Runner Duck Eggs

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