Fawn and White Runner Ducklings


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Fawn and White Runner Ducklings Details

Hatching February to November

Runner Ducks hold themselves in an upright, vertical, penguin-like posture. They appear very tall and are whimsical and fun to watch as they waddle about energetically. Fawn and White Runners are particularly striking with their patterning. They have fawn or ginger-colored patches on their face, lower neck, chest and shoulders, and tail. The rest of the bird is white. Fawn and White Runners have bright orange feet. Drakes have lighter colored bills in an orange-green color, and females have darker, brownish-green colored bills. The eyes of both sexes are a bluish brown color. 

Production: Runner Ducks are bred and raised for two main reasons. First, they are excellent egg layers, out-producing many chicken breeds. Runner Ducks can lay up to 180 large, tinted eggs in a year. Runner Ducks do not usually go broody.

Runner Ducks are also very popular for insect control. They are very adept at finding and eating all sorts of insects from gardens or growing fields. They are also often put to work in controlling spiders and pests from playgrounds, swing sets, and picnic areas. They are truly a sustainable and organic option for pest control. 

Temperament: Runner Ducks are one of the most industrious breeds of poultry. They are energetic and briskly forage throughout the day. This industriousness can make them a bit high-strung and seemingly nervous, but in general, they make good pets and are good exhibition birds. The instinct to herd together is very strong in Runner Ducks and this tendency makes them easy to manage. 

History: The Runner Duck is an ancient poultry breed. They were originally bred and developed in Indonesia, where both their egg-laying and insect-controlling abilities in rice production were the focus. The image of a Vietnamese farmer herding his flock of Fawn and White Runner Ducks through the village and out to the rice paddies each morning and back home again in the evening is just sublime. Runner Ducks were imported into Europe and Great Britain sometime in the fourteenth century, and have continued to remain extremely popular. Fawn and White Runners were the first Runner Duck coloration admitted into the APA in 1898.

Conservation Status: Recovering

Weight: Males 4.5 lbs; Females 4 lbs.

APA Class: Light Duck

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Fawn and White Runner Ducklings

Fawn and White Runner Ducklings

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