Flight Ready Northern Bobwhite Quail

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Flight Ready Northern Bobwhite Quail

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These quail are straight-run unsexed.

The Northern Bobwhite Quail gets its name from its distinctive whistle-like call. Males often call two and three times a minute with the "bob-white" mating call. It is a comforting sound, signifying the beginning of spring.

Habitat: The Northern Bobwhite Quail lives on the ground and hides under weeds and shrubs during the night. By day, they walk through the fields to feed on insects, fruits, and seeds. They leap into flight when in danger of a predator. Their range covers the eastern United States and westward as far and Kansas and Nebraska. They are not found in southernmost Florida or western Texas.

Status in the Wild: The number of quail has been declining since the 1980s because of fields turning to forests and urban development replacing old farms with subdivisions.

Status in Aviculture: These quail are very common in aviculture.

Breeding and Incubation: The quail will nest one to three times each summer and lay an average of 12-14 solid white eggs per clutch. The female will either sit on the nest herself or the male will sit, freeing the female to mate with another male. The incubation period lasts 23 days. The hatchling will follow the parent within an hour of hatching.

Lifespan: Northern Bobwhite Quail live at max around 5 years, though most will die before their first year from predators.

Mature Weight: An adult quail weighs between five and eight ounces

Housing Requirements: The Northern Bobwhite Quail thrives in weedy fields and meadows.

Diet: Northern Bobwhite Quail enjoy plant and weed seeds, fruits, and a variety of insects. Game bird feed is appropriate in an enclosed setting.

Raising Northern Bobwhite Quail is an interesting project. They are considered to be game birds, and cooked quail is a delicacy.

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Flight Ready Northern Bobwhite Quail

Flight Ready Northern Bobwhite Quail

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