Free Range Chicken Gardens

Free Range Chicken Gardens
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Free-Range Chicken Gardens

Did you ever wonder if your chickens could be a part of your garden rather than a nuisance? Did you know that you can make a garden that benefits both you, the earth, and your flock? Jessi Bloom writes an extraordinary book on being able to have your gardens and still have your chickens enjoy their freedom. By being free-range, not only are chickens getting nutrition from bugs and soil, they are getting enrichment, sun, and the owner gets a lower feed bill each month. By gardening with chickens, both the owner and chickens are benefited!

The delight of this book is not only because of the information, but the author uses experience from other chicken owners that maintain gardens as well. She provides information in a fun fashion, on types of housing, what types of crops to plant, what breeds of chicken to consider, routine, rotation, composting, with personal experience and stories.

By showing that anyone can raise backyard chickens and maintain a beautiful garden, you can have the self-sufficient and mini homestead you have always dreamed of! 221 pages, Full color, Paperback

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Free Range Chicken Gardens

Free Range Chicken Gardens

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