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French Guinea Keets


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Jumbo French Guineas are wonderful birds to have in your backyard poultry flock! Jumbo Guineas are raised as natural tick control, farmyard watchdogs, and for meat production. They are very hardy birds after their first two weeks of age.

Meat and Eggs: Jumbo French Guineas will reach their 4-pound live market weight by 12 weeks when fed properly. Broiler feed is recommended at a 3-pound feed to 1-pound gain ratio.  If fed broiler feed, these birds grow faster and will be about two pounds heavier than normal Pearl Guineas. You might try raising guineas for restaurants because there is a demand for their lean, tender, dark meat. Our guinea breeder imports their breeding stock from Grimaud Freres in France because Grimaud's guineas have the strong genetic potential for meat production. The fillet yield is 24% of the live weight. They do produce about 135 lightly speckled eggs a year.

Breeding: French Guineas can reproduce naturally. French guineas are natural and normal in every way. If French Guineas are allowed to free-range, these birds can reproduce naturally like any other guinea.

Temperament: Guineas generally will not attack people but will follow you around the yard at times. They are very able to fend for themselves on a homestead.

History: Jumbo Guineas are helmeted guinea fowl that have been bred specifically to be a larger guinea than normal. Helmeted Guinea is a native wild species in the African Sahara. Guineas were brought to America before the 1850s.

Color: French Guineas are pearl color which means that they are a gray color with white polka dots.

American Poultry Association Class: Guineafowl

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French Guinea Keets

French Guinea Keets

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