IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Poultry Industry is under extreme demand under the COVID-19 Pandemic. While YOU WILL BE ABLE TO PICK UP YOUR ORDERS FROM THE USPS DURING A SHELTER-IN-PLACE ORDER, we encourage you to copy and paste the following into your search bar to check availability before ordering. ** Response times from our Customer Experience Team are slower-than-normal under the demand as well. PLEASE ONLY REACH OUT TO US ONE TIME AND BE PATIENT FOR A RESPONSE. Multiple contacts will timestamp your ticket with the most recent time and will move you to the bottom of the list each time. *** We appreciate your cooperation and patience while we work to get your birds to arrive to you happy and healthy. Thank you.



Searching for the perfect gift for the poultry enthusiast in your life or maybe something for your own home? You have come to the right place! Who would love a gift certificate to shop with and spend as they wish? Beautiful poultry prints are wonderful gifts for anyone to adorn their home or office with. Colored posters make a great educational resource and an easy reference for the poultry exhibitor or enthusiast. You may also know someone who wants to learn more about raising poultry; check out our educational DVDs. We also carry many supplies that make life easier including egg baskets, automatic feeders, a chick starter kit and more! As an added benefit, we now offer free shipping on all gifts.

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