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GMO Free Range Broilers



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GMO Free Range Broilers Details

Day-Old, GMO-free, Free-Range Broiler Baby Chicks

Hatching Year-round

GMO-free Free Range Broiler Chicks are hatched from parents who were raised on GMO-free grain. 

These GMO-free Free Range Broilers are a highly productive strain of meat bird that was bred specifically for pasture-raising. These broiler chicks will be a mixture of three colors, which are hatchery choice. You may get any number of Tricolor, Redbro, or Yellow chicks in your order. Tricolor is a multi-colored barred and crele color pattern; Redbro is very similar to a Rhode Island Red with dark red feathers and a black tail; Yellow is a buff color with black tail and wing feathers.

Production: These GMO-Free Free Range Broilers can reach about 6 pounds live weight at 9 to 11 weeks of age. These birds are a slower-growing meat bird than the White Cornish Cross, but they are much better foragers, which makes them ideal birds for pasture-style or free-range raising. These broilers are not good egg layers. These are hybrid birds and if bred with one another, will not produce a second generation of chicks consistent with their parents. 

History: These Free Range Broilers have been common in Europe as meat birds for a long time. Recently many American producers have started looking for an alternative, pasture-able meat chickens to the White Cornish Cross. Thus, this strain of meat chicken made its way into the U.S. and is becoming quite popular. These birds are descendants from some of the original strains of imported French hybrids in the 1960s, many of the same strains that are used in the Label Rouge program.

American Poultry Association Class: Hybrid: not recognized.

Special Rearing and Brooding Notes: Free Range Broilers will need to be kept in a brooder for 3-4 weeks. They should be started at 95 degrees the first week, then reduce that temperature by 5 degrees each following week. 

Feed your broiler chicks a 21-22% protein starter for the first 2-3 weeks; 18-19% protein grower until week 7; and then after that a 16-17% protein finisher. 

If your birds experience any leg problems, it is likely due to a nutritional deficiency. Adding vitamins to their water will usually be able to clear it up within 24-48 hours.

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GMO Free Range Broilers

GMO Free Range Broilers

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