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Golden Buff Chickens Details

Day Old Golden Buff Baby Chicks

Hatching year-round.

The Golden Buff is a very friendly, calm, and quiet chicken. That, coupled with their excellent egg production, makes it a top choice for flock owners everywhere. Mature pullets lay big brown eggs of varying shades. The Golden Buff has a single comb, matures very early (20 weeks on average), and is a cold-tolerant medium size bird.

Production: 5+ brown eggs per week and roughly 260 eggs a year.

Temperament: Friendly, calm, and quiet disposition. A great choice for the backyard flock.

History: The Golden Buff has been available since 1985 and continues to be one of the most popular egg-laying breeds.

Colors: These birds are sexed linked, which means you can distinguish roosters from hens visually upon hatching. Mature hens have a soft buff-red color and roosters are white with darker wing, neck, and tail feathers.

Livestock Conservancy Status: Not applicable because it is a commercial hybrid cross

Body Type: Medium-sized

Average Mature Weight: Average mature weight of a rooster is 5 to 6 pounds hens 4 pounds.

American Poultry Association Class: Not recognized by the APA because they are not a pure chicken breed.

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Golden Buff Chickens

Golden Buff Chickens

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