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Brown Egg Layers

Golden Comet Chickens

Golden Comet Chickens


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Golden Comet Chickens Details

Day Old Golden Comet Chickens

Hatching February to July.

The Golden Comet is one of the very successful hybrid strains of high production brown egg layers. They are fast to mature and start laying at a younger age than most chickens. These are hardy and energetic birds, ideal egg layers for any backyard or farm. They are a cross of Production Red male and a Rhode Island White Female.

Production: Golden Comets are excellent laying birds, producing 250-320 large or extra large brown eggs per year. They have been known to start laying as early as sixteen weeks of age. Their fast and efficient growth makes them good meat birds as well. Golden Comets are sex linked, and we are able to sex chicks from day one. If two Golden Comets are bred, the chicks from this second generation will be all different colors and the sex-linked coloration will be lost.

Temperament: These active birds exude confidence and tenacity. They are friendly and actively pursue forage.

History: Golden Comets were developed in the United States for commercial egg production.

APA Class: Not recognized; hybrid.

Color Description: Golden Comets are color sexed. Female chicks are bronzy buff color with stripes, and males are light yellow. As adults, hens are reddish brown and white, and roosters are all white to white with a sprinkling of reddish feathers. Legs of both sexes are yellow.

Conservation Status: Not applicable.

Weight: Cockerel 7.5 lbs, Pullet 5.5 lbs.

Golden Comet Chickens

Golden Comet Chickens

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