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Golden Laced Cochin Chickens

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Day Old Golden Laced Cochin Baby Chicks

Hatching February to July.

Both the American Poultry Association and the American Bantam Association recognize Cochin chickens. These birds come in various colors. The breed has 14 known varieties.

Production: Golden Laced Cochin chickens lay brown eggs. Each chicken lays approximately two medium-sized eggs per week.

Temperament: These birds are known for being sweet. Owners across the world think of them as friendly balls of fluff. They also have excellent mothering qualities. Furthermore, they get along well with other pets and are hardy in the winter.

History: The Cochin name came from a Chinese word meaning large chicken. The Cochin breed achieved fame in the 1800s when one was given to Queen Victoria as a gift. These chickens are only one of three in the Asiatic class from the American Poultry Association.

Color Description: The baby chicks have a dark, golden brown color and stripes on their back. As they mature, their feathers change to a golden-laced shade with greenish-black coloring. In addition, they sport a golden bay center. Golden Laced Cochin chickens have colorful and excessive plumage on their legs and feet.

Livestock Conservancy Status: Since these birds make excellent backyard chickens, they are common. However, they are on the Livestock Conservancy Watch List to be safe.

Body Type: Golden Laced Cochin chickens are large, round, and fluffy. They have a short, broad back, and a small tail. Their head is small, but their thighs are large and thickly covered with feathers. Both male and female Cochin chickens have similar characteristics. For example, they both have large, prominent eyes.

Standard Weights: Rooster 11 lbs, Hen 8.5 lbs, Cockerel 9 lbs, Pullet 7 lbs

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Golden Laced Cochin Chickens

Golden Laced Cochin Chickens

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