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Golden Layer Ducklings


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Golden Layer Ducklings Details

Day Old Golden Layer Baby Ducklings for sale

Hatching February to November.

Gold Layer Ducks are very efficient duck egg producers.

Production: Golden Layer Ducks lay 220 to 245 eggs per year. Their eggs are between 75-90 grams. They are good foragers. We also have a White Layer Duck which lays just as well.

Temperament: very calm.

History: Golden Layer Ducks were started because the breeder wanted to be able to cost effectively produce duck eggs. The breed was developed to produce the most duck eggs per dollar. The originator of this breed wanted a duck with better temperament, that laid more eggs, and had a higher fertility than the Khaki Campbell.

Colors: These are sex linked. The males, drakes, are different hues of black and the females are different hues of brown. If you breed your own this trait will not stay.

Livestock Conservancy Status: Not applicable because they are a hybrid. There are thousands of Golden Layer Ducks in the United States.

Body Type: These ducks cannot fly because they are too heavy.

Weight: Our breeders weigh 4.5 - 5.75 pounds during laying.

American Poultry Association Class: Not classified because they are a hybrid.

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Golden Layer Ducklings

Golden Layer Ducklings

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