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Grey Jungle Fowl

Gallus sonnerati

Also widely known as Sonnerat's Fowl (named after its discoverer, French explorer Pierre Sonnerat), the Grey Jungle Fowl is a beautiful and popular species that originates from the fertile and exotically multifaceted terrains of India. During mating season, male members of this species feature exuberantly deep red combs, and sport long, waxy-textured hackles. In fact, these hackles were in such high demand amongst fly-tyers at the turn of the 20th century, that the Grey Jungle Fowl nearly went extinct due to uncontrolled trapping and collection.

Currently, Grey Jungle Fowl are considerably lower priced and they are relatively easier to care for than other species of jungle fowl.

Range: This species is indigenous to the Indian peninsula, with its population distributions largely concentrated in central and southern India.

Habitat: As indicated by its name, this species thrives in dense evergreen jungles. Nonetheless, the Grey Jungle Fowl has a large range, which includes mixed bamboo forests to dry foothills, and to the outskirts of village settlements.

Status in the Wild: Being such a versatile species that has adapted to many different environments, this bird species holds a conservation status of Least Concern on the IUCN Red List. However, it is important to note that hunting and habitat loss are still constant threats.

Status in Aviculture: The Grey Jungle Fowl is both common and popular within American and European aviculture.

Breeding and Incubation: Grey Jungle Fowls begin mating and breeding when they are two years of age. Primary egg-laying months are from February to May, although laying and incubation can occur anytime throughout the year. Hens lay a clutch of 5-7 eggs, which typically incubate for 21 days.

Lifespan: When bred in captivity, a Grey Jungle Fowl in good health can be expected to live up to 10-15 years.

Mature Weight: Adult male Grey Jungle Fowls average between 1.5 to 2.5 pounds in weight; adult females average 1.0 to 1.5 pounds.

Housing Requirements: Grey Jungle Fowls are hardy and resilient, but it is still important to keep their Indian origins in consideration. They need to be kept in wind-proof shelters with dry internal climates (i.e. utilizing dense layers of dry straw and wood shavings for ground cover). Heaters are needed if it is freezing.

Diet: In the wild, Grey Jungle Fowls feed on bamboo seeds, berries, termites and various insects. Likewise, raising these fowls in captivity calls for a similar diet. A suggested mixture comprise of small dog food, seasonal pulp seed fruits, and game bird pellets. Finally, care should be taken in feeding. Feeding dishes should be elevated from the ground, with just enough feed to be consumed within a few hours.

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Grey Jungle Fowl

Grey Jungle Fowl

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