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GroGel Details

GroGel Plus B, 100 dose packet

Shipping can sometimes be stressful for baby chicks. GroGel Plus is here to the rescue. It is very beneficial to feed your birds GroGel upon arrival! With a half cup of water added to one package, this green powder turns into a hydrating gel full of good bacteria and nutrients that not only hydrates the chicks but also boosts their immune system. GroGel Plus-B is great for any hatchlings, not just shipped birds.

GroGel Plus-B packs a lot of punch in a small packet. Each packet, when mixed with ½ cup of water will feed 100 chicken chicks, 200 pheasant chicks, and 400 quail chicks. GroGel Plus-B has a jello-like consistency when mixed and is dark green in color. GroGel Plus B is also great to provide in the box for birds you are shipping. Do make sure to use the mixture within 6 hours after adding water.

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein (min) 5.9%, Fat (min) 9%, Fiber (max) 19%

Ingredients: Grain, plant protein, and fish by-products, vitamins, amino acids, and beneficial bacteria that aids the chick during hatch and travel. Net weight: 7 grams

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