GroGel Plus B 2000 dose

GroGel Plus B 2000 dose Details

GroGel 2000 Doses

GroGel is an essential supplement for poultry owners, and comes in small flock sizes or in this large flock size of "2000 doses," which is recommended for 2000 day-old chicks (1 cup per 250 hatchlings).

GroGel is a powder that when mixed with water turns into a bright green shiny gel. This gel is very palatable and alluring to birds, and so very little encouragement is needed to get them to consume it.

GroGel contains a full gamut of essential nutrients including protein, various amino acids, nutrients and vitamins, and probiotics. The gel consistency also holds plenty of water so GroGel provides adequate hydration as well. It is an extremely useful supplement in times of stress or strain, such as before and after chicks or adult birds are shipped, for birds being shown, etc. GroGel is also a great way to start just-hatched chicks on the right foot, as well as for extra nutrients for broody mother hens. These are both crucial times for optimal nutrition and hydration.

This 2000 Dose Packet will treat up to 2000 chickens or turkeys, 3000 to 4000 pheasants, or 7000 to 8000 quail.

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GroGel Plus B 2000 dose

GroGel Plus B 2000 dose

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