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Day Old Hatchery Choice Peachicks

Hatchery Choice packages of peachicks are a great way to get some variety for your estate or farm. So many colors to choose from, let us do the choosing for you! 

Hatchery choice common colors of peachick colors may include: India Blue, Black Shoulder, White, India Blue Pied, India Blue White-eyed, India Blue Silver Pied, Cameo, Purple, Purple Pied, Opal, Buford Bronze, Midnight, Midnight Black Shoulder, Cameo White-Eyed, Cameo Pied, Spalding, Spalding Black Shoulder, Spalding Pied, Spalding White Eyed, Spalding Opal, Spalding Cameo, or Jade.  

Hatchery choice fancy color peafowl package can include any of the varieties in the common, as well as the following colors and their variations: Cameo, Purple, Opal, Bronze, and midnight. Variations include Pieds, Black Shoulders, and other combinations. 

Hatchery choice means those that have not been sold as specific breeds or varieties. We do not guarantee a variety. It is possible that you get all of one kind. We do not mark or record the breeds.

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Hatchery Choice Peachicks

Hatchery Choice Peachicks

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