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Day Old Hatchery Choice Plymouth Rock Chicks

Hatching February through August

Plymouth Rocks are a classic American heritage chicken. They have always been a favorite of backyard enthusiasts, urban flock owners, and hardcore farmers. Plymouth Rocks are part of the genetic makeup and background for so many of our great American breeds. In the 19th and early part of the 20th century, Rocks were the #1 chicken in the U.S.

By ordering your Plymouth Rock chicks as "Hatchery Choice," you are taking advantage of extra abundant hatching. The hatchery will send you what they have the most of, and you get these robust chicks for a discounted price. 

Your order of Hatchery Choice Plymouth Rock Chicks may contain White Plymouth Rocks, Barred Plymouth Rocks, or Columbian Plymouth Rocks. You may get all one color or a mix of colors. Whatever colors you get, you will have a beautiful flock of great Rocks. 

Plymouth Rocks are great chickens - they lay around 200 brown eggs per year. And they can be used as meat birds as well, cockerels reaching about 8 pounds. Rocks are well known for their mild dispositions and friendly attitude. They easily adapt to all sorts of farm environments, are good with children, and can be great pet chickens as well. 

Please note that we cannot guarantee specific colors, and we cannot mark or record which colors you received. 

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Hatchery Choice Plymouth Rock Chickens

Hatchery Choice Plymouth Rock Chickens

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