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CANNOT ship to VA, WV, GA, KY, NY, NC, MS, or WA

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Hatchery Choice Premium Day Old Ducklings 

Hatching: Spring 2017


When you order Hatchery Choice Premium Ducklings from us, you will receive a group of robust and high quality ducklings that are in most cases breeder-quality rather than hatchery-quality. Our Premium Ducklings are all rare breeds or hard-to-find colors than the other ducklings we offer. These are beautiful, high quality ducklings.

With Hatchery Choice Premium Ducklings, we choose the breed or breeds based on what we have available at the time you are ordering - and we pass on a savings to you. We cannot guarantee a variety of breeds so you may get all of one breed. And please note that we cannot mark or record the breed we send you.

If you are looking for a surprise or if you just really can't decide which breed to choose, our Hatchery Choice Premium Ducklings would be a perfect fit for you. Hatchery Choice is a good deal economically and works well for those who have no breed preference.

Runner Assortment: Our premium runner assortment will consist of any combination of the following colors: Mallard (Grey) Penciled, Emory Penciled, Black, Blue, and/or White.

Basic Assortment: Our basic assortment will consist of any of the following premium duckling breeds: Pekin, Rouens, Magpies, Runners, Silver Appleyards, Saxony, and/or Crested.  

Heavy Assortment: Our heavy assortment will consist of any of the following premium duckling breeds: Pekin, Rouen, Silver Appleyard, Campbells, Crested and non-crested offspring of crested ducks, Saxony, and/or Magpies

Hatchery Choice Premium Ducklings will not ship to Virginia, West Virginia, Florida, or Georgia customers due to breeder's local Fish and Game regulations.

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Hatchery Choice Premium Ducklings

Hatchery Choice Premium Ducklings

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