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Hatchery Choice Red Layers Details

Day Old Hatchery Choice Red Layer Chicks

Hatching year round.

We offer these Hatchery Choice Red Layer Chicks as a convenient and budget-conscious way to purchase a great flock of laying chickens. These birds will all lay brown eggs and lots of them.

The chicks in this package may include any of our red breeds. Some examples might be Cinnamon Queen, Rhode Island Reds, New Hampshires, Red Stars, Red Sex Links, Golden Comets, Golden Buffs, Production Reds, Pumpkin Spice, ISA Browns, and more. Please note that we are unable to guarantee a particular variety, and there is a possibility that you might get all of the same breed. Also, we cannot record or mark the breeds of chicks you receive.

These Red Layers lay lots of large brown eggs. These chicken breeds are egg producers, but they can also be processed for meat, as many of the breeds are dual purpose.

Red Layer Chickens are hardy and active birds. They usually do well in flocks of mixed breeds, but they tend to be on top of the pecking order when mixed with more docile breeds. This offer is a great way to add more brown eggs to your daily egg harvest!

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Hatchery Choice Red Layers

Hatchery Choice Red Layers

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