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Hatchery Choice Wyandotte Chickens




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Hatchery Choice Wyandotte Chickens Details

Day Old Hatchery Choice Wyandotte Chicks

Hatching February through August

Wyandottes are classic heritage American Chickens. The Wyandotte breed has been in the APA Standard of Perfection since it very beginnings, and Wyandottes are listed by the Livestock Conservancy on their Conservation Priority List. 

Wyandottes are hardy and robust chickens. They are large in size and grow quite fast, making them good for meat as well as egg laying. They are capable of laying between 180 and 260 brown eggs per year. 

No matter what color and pattern of Wyandotte you raise, you will find them to be active and sociable birds. They can go broody and make good mother hens. Wyandottes do well and produce dependably on large farms, small farms, homesteads, and backyards.

When you order these Hatchery Choice Wyandottes, you may receive Black Laced Gold, Black Laced Silver, Black Laced Red, or Columbian Wyandotte chicks. You may get all of one color or an assortment of colors. Please also take note that we are unable to guarantee certain colors. We also are unable to mark down or record which breeds you receive. 

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Hatchery Choice Wyandotte Chickens

Hatchery Choice Wyandotte Chickens

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