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Heat Bulb Red 250 Watt

Heat Bulb Red 250 Watt Details

Heat Bulb Red 250 watt

When receiving chicks, it is important to keep their brooders warm. The 250 watt red heat bulb couldn't be better for this! Some species of fowl do better with red lights and with the heat, the chicks will thrive.

The Heat Bulb is red and 250 watts. This bulb is incandescent with a voltage of 120 and an average life of 5,000 hours. This bulb fits in any standard sized lamp. The lamp reflector is sold separately. Make sure to watch the behavior of the chicks with the Heat Bulb 250 watts. If the chicks are too hot they will pant and run away from the light. If they are too cold, they will huddle, and if they are comfortable they will spread out in the brooder. You can lower and raise the lamp reflector as needed. A thermometer is recommended as well. Inside use only.

Size: 5 inches diameter, 6 and 1/10 inch in height Net weight: 5.6 ounces

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Heat Bulb Red 250 Watt

Heat Bulb Red 250 Watt

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