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Heat Lamp Reflector with Clamp for Sale

Heat Lamp Reflector with Clamp Details

Heat Lamp Reflector with Clamp

A Heat Lamp is an essential element of a brooding set-up for any chicks or hatchling fowl. This heat lamp comes with attachments for either hanging it over the brooding area or for clamping it onto the sides of a brooder. Clamp mechanism is strong with vinyl coating for a sure grip. The Lamp also comes with metal guard in front to prevent the bulb from coming in contact with the surface if it should fall.

This Heat Lamp is designed to get the right amount heat to your young birds. It has a 10.5 inch reflector plate, and it can also pivot to adjust where heat is being directed. Electric cord is six feet long.

The bulb is not included, but this model can hold either a clear or red heat bulb and with any bulb rating up to 250 Watts.

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Heat Lamp Reflector with Clamp

Heat Lamp Reflector with Clamp

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