Heated Waterer Base

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Electric Heated Poultry Base 125 Watts

This 125-watt Electric Heated Poultry Base is an extremely useful tool in providing your poultry with water in cold weather conditions.

This water heater is made of high quantity, durable galvanized steel and plugs into a regular electrical outlet. It measures 16.5 x 3.5 x 16.5 inches and is meant for use as a base under double wall founts or other metal waterers or buckets up to 5 gallons. (Waterers are sold separately.)

This water heater base will heat just enough to keep your flock's water from freezing. And it is a smart heater as it is thermostatically controlled, so it will not start drawing electricity or operating until temperatures drop below 35 degrees F.

The Electric Heated Poultry Base will prevent the freezing and icing of up to 5 gallons of water in temperatures as low as -10 degrees F.

This electric water heater base should be set up either inside your coop, or it could also be used in a dry, covered area outside of your coop. There is a covering on the bottom for added safety, but we recommend that you place this heater on a couple of cinder blocks or bricks and then set your waterer on top of the heater. The heater has a 5-foot power cord; be sure the cord is protected from being damaged by animals and used with a ground fault-protected outlet.

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Heated Waterer Base

Heated Waterer Base

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