Hen Hydrator

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The Hen Hydrator is designed to provide a constant, clean water source for poultry. The design is remarkably simple, yet ingenious. The Hen Hydrator is basically a semi-clear blue bucket with four nipples in the bottom. 

Waterer is gravity fed and allows chickens to drink from the nipple on demand. Bucket part is translucent so you can see through it enough to judge water levels. It is colored enough to provide UV protection and prevent algae growth. 

The lid is tight fitting and well made, so spillage is rare and it is easy to refill. 

The Hen Hydrator is easy to install - simply hang it just high enough so the hens reach up slightly to drink. The hydrator measures 12.875 x 12.375 x 18.25 inches.

The Hen Hydrator can comfortably accommodate the drinking needs of 16 chickens. It should only be used for adult chickens and is not recommended for use when temperatures are below freezing. 

Your chickens will need to learn how to use the Hen Hydrator, however, using a few simple tips can make it successful. First of all, remove all other water sources. Then, as hens are watching, tap the nipples so some water drips out. Usually one or two birds will try it first but once they get the hang of it, the other will also.

If you have been annoyed about soiled and dirty waterers, the Hen Hydrator may be the solution for you! Set one up and get your chickens sipping away on ever-clean water!

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Hen Hydrator

Hen Hydrator

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