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History Page  - 2010s 

At the end of the first decade, Purely Poultry started getting serious. We joined Facebook, published our very first blog post, installed Zen Cart on our website, and received our very first customer testimonial.

As the next decade began, we started to realize that this business could work - it had potential, and it was both satisfying and addressing the needs of our customers.

2010   Tyler, Ruth, and Noah moved to Fremont, WI and, of course, brought along the home base of Purely Poultry with them. A Call Center was hired to answer phones and take orders so Tyler could get a job as his fledgling business developed. We started our 800 number. Dava worked at writing regular email newsletters.

2011   At this point, we decided we had just to dive in and go all out. We launched a new modern website design on February 4th. Melissa and Amanda joined the team as customer service reps. 

We spent a lot of time writing regular blog posts. We really wanted to present ourselves both as a source for birds and as a source of information and advice. We wanted our customers to feel supported and to succeed in raising the birds they bought from us; we made that one of our business goals. 

We started to offer a whole new category of fowl - Exotics were launched! 

And we got serious about advertising. We had our catalog professionally designed. We started budgeting lots of spending for advertising and marketing, including doing full-page ads in Backyard Poultry Magazine, classified advertisements in Mother Earth News, Grit, and Progressive Farmer. By the end of 2011 we decided to stop spending heavily on advertising and instead 

2012   Meghan joined the Purely Poultry Team in February 2012. Meghan took over building of relationships with our customers and vendors. Meghan began using Nozbe to help keep track of daily tasks.

Terri joined the team in May 2012. Terri and Tyler stabilized our website and wrote and enacted our security policy. We worked to make everything about running the business more efficient. 

Purely Poultry started running on Google Apps for Business including gmail, google calendar, docs, and chat. 

We started having our weekly team meetings using webcam on Google Hangouts so we could see one another as we communicated. 

Purely Poultry joined Pinterest in 2012!  Tyler took a road trip to Missouri to meet Meghan in person and tour one of our hatcheries.

Meghan took over newsletter duties, working with MailChimp and publishing regularly. By December 7th, 2012, we had 883 regular newsletter subscribers. 

2013    Tyler’s wife Ruth joined the team in January to focus on accounting, inventory, and finance.

We started some major business initiatives including a Premier Customer Program, an Operations Manual, and a Sales Report among other things. We switched from Dropbox to Google Drive for our document management. 

A big change for us was dropping the traditional paper catalogs. We did this to save money and to be more sustainable. We saw that we could do so much more using an online approach and wanted to focus on developing our site. In September, we started a web development subscription to constantly improve our technology to serve our customers better. On November 20, 2013 we pushed live a big update to the website. We started using a cloud hosting server so that our site is consistently up and running. We started using 8x8 as our phone service provider so that we could have multiple customer service reps on phones at a time.

We branched out with what we could offer to our customers - we started selling supplies, as well as started birds. 

As we closed out 2013, sales were $500,000. 

Cassandra joined the Purely Poultry team in September and simultaneously trained and wrote the operations manual which is a very detailed document on how we run our company. 


Barbara joined our team as our resident writer in January. We made huge changes on our website! We updated and redesigned it again, added tons of photos, set up cross-sell suggestions for related products. We added availability dates to many of our most popular products. We improved our SSL certificate to Extended Validation for an even safer and more secure shopping experience. The new mobile responsive website design was officially launched on July 7th. 

We have kept up with our desire to provide information and guidance for our customers. We wrote and launched Care Sheets for many species of birds on our website, and we started to include them in many of our bird shipments. We started Live Chatting on our site. And we changed phone systems from Skype to 8x8.

The team studied The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in Business. We work to build a cohesive leadership team, create clarity, reinforce clarity, and over communicate clarity. 

In September, the Purely Poultry team members started monthly review All Hands meetings. 

We started offering our customers a 100% sexing guarantee for our birds. We started offering Hatching Eggs! 

We joined Instagram in October, and our newsletter subscribers grew to 12,329 people! 

And Tyler and Ruth's second son, Owen was born, giving Noah a brand new brother! Owen spends his days attending meetings with his mom and dad or assisting with accounting.

2015 and beyond … we have so much planned for the development of this company! 

It is becoming very clear to us that a business like Purely Poultry has to be in a constant state of active development and creativity. For the second half of this decade, we have big plans:

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