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Hungarian Partridge Eggs

Hungarian Partridge Eggs Details

Hungarian Partridge Hatching Eggs For Sale

Hungarian Partridge (Perdix perdix) are very popular upland game birds in both North America and across Europe. These are beautiful birds, with striking gold and mahogany on blue coloring. Male and female Hungarian Partridge are colored very similarly although males usually appear a bit more vibrant especially during breeding season. 

Hungarian Partridge are cold hardy and adaptable birds have naturalized in many environments. They do very well in grassy pastures and agricultural field and along bushy edges. They can be raised in enclosures or released. Be sure to provide them with plenty of space and be ready to separate breeding pairs during the breeding season as they can become aggressive at that time. 

Incubation Time: Hungarian Partridge Hatching Eggs will hatch in about 23-24 days. 

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Hungarian Partridge Eggs

Hungarian Partridge Eggs

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