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Incubation at Home

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Incubation At Home is one of the classic poultry books published by Gold Cockerel and written by Michael Roberts. As could be expected, this book is a concise and quick read covering all one needs to know when incubating eggs on a small scale. Illustrations and photos are clear and on point. 

In Incubation At Home, Michael Roberts details using small incubators and focuses on solving problems and issues that are commonly experienced by the people using them. Chapters include such topics as the various types and styles of incubators, incubator preparation including cleaning and sterilization, temperature control, humidity control, how to select eggs for incubation, how to store eggs that you plan to incubate, candling eggs, the hatching process, and even info on sexing and rearing chicks. His chapter on 'Where did I go wrong?' is particularly useful for troubleshooting. 

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Incubation at Home

Incubation at Home

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