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Chico CA, United States, Friday 24 April, 2015

My granddaughter fell in love with Dutch Bantams and wanted some for her 4-H showmanship. We got on the waiting list and waited months for them to become available. The first shipment got lost and frozen in an ice storm. We just received the second shipment and they are healthy and hearty. I cannot say enough good things about the customer service. The response to every chat, email and phone call was so prompt and pleasant. This a company that knows the true meaning of customer service.

3 years

Levelland TX, United States, Thursday 23 April, 2015

This is my 3rd year ordering from Purely Poultry and y'all keep doing a great job on scheduling and delivery, thank you.

Great Customer Service!

Rachel, Friday 10 April, 2015

Meghan in customer service is great! She is so fun and polite!

Returning Customer

Oregon, Friday 10 April, 2015

Thank you once again. All birds have arrived and I am very happy with another "PURELY POULTRY" great experience.

Received my Jumbo Peking ducklings!

Greenville SC, United States, Thursday 09 April, 2015

So with much fussing as I readied everything for my two new Jumbo Peking females ducks, the post office called and I arrived to pick up my babies, well when everyone heard me say what I was there to pick up, well everyone had to look in my box! There they were...perfect condition and ready to get out of the shipping box. Now the sit in their brooder at my office all cozy warm and full of food. each night they ride home and play in my kitchen while I check my mail. I love these perfect little ducks. Thank you for such wonderful prompt service , you will have my Hoorah as your an Awesome Company to work with Thank you Staff for your patience and kind assistance with my numerous questions. Kindly Karen