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Cute lill'l buggers

Roundup MT, United States, Friday 15 May, 2015

Just got my 50 + keets today. Only one dead on arrival, unbelievable success in transport. The rest are so "keetish"! Active, aggressive, eating and drinking like nobody's business! I posted some Picts on my public Facebook page if anyone wants a look. I am completely satisfied with my purchase. One hint for new buyers. Make sure to look at the number of chicks per price break. I saved LOTS of money for buying a few more chicks (keets).

Hatchery Surprise

HOUSTON TX, United States, Wednesday 13 May, 2015

This was my first time ever ordering chickens online, I thought it was crazy honestly, but I decided to take a chance. I was looking at all the different breeds available and decided to take a chance. Hatchery Surprise is what caught my eye, 30-50 chicks for only $63, what a deal! Well They all arrived happy and chirping today, they were super thirsty and hungry, but all happy and jumping around. I received around 40-50 chicks, and lost none!! Extremely satisfied and plan to buy again soon. Thank you Purely Poultry team!!

Great Experience

Central City PA, United States, Sunday 10 May, 2015

Ordered 17 Polish day old chicks, received 17 Polish day old chicks. Had them vaccinated for Marek's. 16 arrived healthy, one was sick, but may have been a runt, it died three days later. From what I understand, this is a great ratio, I actually expected many more to die in transit. The chicks are super healthy and active, they are almost a week old and are much larger and getting their feathers. They are very vocal and friendly. I am planning on ordering more chickens in the future. This is our first time with mail order chicks and our experience has been awesome.

Chicks Arrive

Sturgeon Bay WI, United States, Thursday 07 May, 2015

Received a total of 27 chicks, including easter eggers, golden laced wyandottes, and silver laced wyandottes, on time as promised. All of the chicks appear to be healthy and happy. Also received two extras. Wanted to say thanks to customer service who has been helpful throughout. Just getting a flock started and they have answered all of my questions. Will be doing business with you again.

Great Company!

Buena Vista GA, United States, Monday 04 May, 2015

Our first two orders of bantams from another company arrived DOA both times. Taking a chance, I gave Purely Poultry a call and spoke with them before placing my order. Customer service was excellent. The bantams we ordered arrived safely the next day after shipment. Only 1 bird did not make it and they added 8 extra regular baby chickens and a duck. (I figured they were the bantams' insurance.) I live in the country so this was not a problem. That was almost 2 weeks ago and all are doing well! We are anxiously waiting to see the variety of the big chicks and the duck. We will definitely order again from this fine company.