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Great Birds!!

Burleson TX, United States, Monday 29 June, 2015

I ordered 50 red broilers and all of the birds were very healthy and shipped on time. They began to drink and eat right away. They are almost a week old and growing like crazy. I will definitely be [sic] purchasing birds from here again.

chicks and guinea keets

Bonduel WI, United States, Friday 12 June, 2015

i received my chicks and keets, they all survived the transition, they are healthy and very active, i would recommend this company when purchasing chicks, etc, i would order from them again, leanna

Great service

Sumrall MS, United States, Tuesday 09 June, 2015

I'm here to tell everyone this is a great company I ordered my chicks an then they where quick to get them to me when I wanted them an if I had any questions they answered back in email quick an are very professional all my chicks where healthy an all lived I would recommend this company to everyone looking to buy chickens this was my first time ordering from this company an it want be the last so if u want healthy chicks order from them all the bad reviews I read where absolutely wrong so once agin great company AWESOME SERVICE AN GOD BLESS PURELY POULTRY WAHOOiiiii

Customer service

Laona WI, United States, Thursday 04 June, 2015

I am very happy with the customer service at Purley Poultry. I highly recommend them.

Extremely Happy With Our Girls!!

Elgin OK, United States, Thursday 04 June, 2015

We ordered 45 chicks, 5 Golden Laced Wyandotte Chickens, 5 Speckled Sussex Chickens, 5 Buff Orpington Chickens, 5 Black Australorp Chickens, 5 Barred Plymouth Rock Chickens, 5 Black Sex Link Chickens, 5 Columbian Wyandotte Chickens, 5 Dominique Chickens, 5 Wellsummers. They also shipped two extra, I had arranged with our Post Office to call me when they arrived no matter what time. I got a call from the back loading and unloading dock personal around 3:15 A.M. this would of been the start of day three. I drive in the 30 miles to pick up our girls, hoping all were doing good. I could hear them chirping as soon as I got out of my truck. I got them home and only one didnt make it. Today two weeks and one day old they are growing like weeds doing GREAT all 46 . We Are Very Happy With Purely Poultry, they always treated us with kindness and were happy to answer any questions we had from time to time. My wife and I were like two exspectant parents waiting for our gals. Again were VERY...

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