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Great Variety!

Maryland, Thursday 19 November, 2015

All 8 chicks arrived at my house today in perfect shape. I wish to extend a thank you to whomever gave us the variety of chicks that I requested! Out of the 8 chicks I ordered, we have three different types and I couldn’t be happier about that. My 6 year old twins thank you as well! We look forward to taking good care of them and enjoying them. I will recommend you guys to anyone interested in buying chicks!

Great Customer Service!

Sara Moff, Saturday 24 October, 2015

Thank you to everyone at Purely Poultry. You all have been great! I appreciate everyone's time and care. Your team had good knowledge of your business and helped me understand the ordering am mailing process better. This was my fist time ordering live animals by mail. Every person I talked with at your company was understanding and helpful with fixing any problems with my chicks arriving well. Again I wanted to just tell you how much I appreciated you walking me through things and fixing our order promptly. Great customer service. I will be ordering again. :) Michael and Sara

huge thank you!

Los Molinos California, Friday 25 September, 2015

I just wanted to say thank you. We ordered 30 of your Cornish Cross meat birds for My kids FFA show birds. The chickens were by far the best looking chickens at the Fair, . Between my three children, they entered 12 birds. My oldest daughter Amy got Grand Champion for Confirmation and quality of the bird. My son got fourth and a friend who we shared the chickens with placed Second. Every bird they entered received a ribbon. I will be ordering again from you and recommending you to all of our friends.

Black Australorp chicks!

Concord GA, United States, Saturday 19 September, 2015

I received my chicks September 17th and they were all alive and cheeping along with 2 additional chicks, which were sent with the 15 I ordered. They have been healthy, eating and drinking with no problem. This is my first experience with chicks and everyone I spoke with from Purely Poultry prior to my chicks' arrival were very informative and patient with this first timer. :) So pleased with my first chick experience. Thank you!

Great experience!!

Mexico NY, United States, Thursday 10 September, 2015

I ordered 15 silkie bantams a couple weeks ago, and within two days I was emailed my ship date. I got them today (and on time with their ship date)! They added 5 extra silkies and all 20 arrived chirping away! I ordered the assortment, and I definitely go an assortment! Silkies of all different colors. They're beautiful! Thank you very much, I look forward to doing business with purely poultry again!

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