Duckling Availability

Duckling Availability

Find availability for the duckling or gosling you wish to add to your flock.

Please note: Orders received after 9am Central Time Friday will not be able to ship the following week.

  • "Y" means available
  • "Y" means limited availability (under 10)
  • "N" means unavailable


 July 22July 29August 5August 12August 19August 26September 3September 9
Buff DucklingsNYYYYYYY
Cayuga DucklingsNYYYYYYY
White Crested DucklingsNYYYYYYY
Hatchery Choice DucklingsNYYYYYYY
Khaki Campbell DucklingsNYYYYYYY
Mallard DucklingsNYYYYYYY
Pekin DucklingsNYYYYYYY
Rouen DucklingsNYYYYYYY
Welsh Harlequin DucklingsNYYYYYYY
Golden Layer DucklingsNYYYYYYY
White Layer DucklingsNYYYYYYY
Blue Swedish DucklingsNYYYYYYY
Black Swedish DucklingsNYYYYYYY
Jumbo Pekin DucklingsNYYYYYYY
Grimaud Hybrid Pekin DucklingsNYYYYYYY
White Duclair DucklingsNYYYYYYY
Black Runner DucklingsNYYYYYYY
Blue Runner DucklingsNYYYYYYY
Chocolate Runner DucklingsNYYYYYYY
Fawn and White Runner DucklingsNYYYYYYY
Hatchery Choice Runner DucklingsNYYYYYYY


 July 22July 29August 5August 12August 19August 26September 3September 9
Toulouse GeeseNNNNNNNN
African GeeseNNNNNNNN
Embden GeeseNNNNNNNN
Tufted Roman GeeseNNNNNNNN
Hatchery Choice GeeseNNNNNNNN
Pilgrim GeeseNNNNNNNN
Sebastopol GeeseNNNNNNNN
Super African GeeseNNNNNNNN
White Chinese GeeseNNNNNNNN
Brown Chinese GeeseNNNNNNNN
Tufted Buff GeeseNNNNNNNN
Assorted Fancy GeeseNNNNNNNN
French Toulouse GeeseNNNNNNNN
Tufted Toulouse GeeseNNNNNNNN
Large Dewlap Toulouse GeeseNNNNNNNN
Buff Toulouse GeeseNNNNNNNN
Classic Roman GeeseNNNNNNNN

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