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Minimum to Ship Shipping Cost

Day Old Chickens

2023 High Demand Update: Laying Hen Breeds will Ship Fastest with Orders of 12 or more. For the fastest dates, try our Quick Chicks option, listed to the right ---->, Small Orders can still be purchased in the Small Order Category Only for the time being.

Shipping Min- Sping/Summer

(when the weather is warm enough) 

Min = 3

Shipping December- March (ish)

Min =15


**small orders (14 or less) will be scheduled accordingly



  Quick Chicks 

Minimum 10 mix & match

      Always Ship Free! 

Standards are as follows:

Orders of 14 or less chicks will incur a $30 small order fee.

This fee is not new, it's simply separated out from the shipping fee as of 01/23 in an effort to be more transparent regarding fees.

$20 for 3-14 standard chicks 

$1.00 per bird for 15-100 standard chicks

$29.99 for 101+ standard chicks

16-18 Week STARTED Hens

Minimum 1


Flock-in-a-Box (4 started birds) Ships FREE

 $87.99 for 1-2

$94.99 for 3-4

$189.99 for 5-8

Add $95 for each additional 4.

Bantams 6+ $50

Baby Chicks do not ship Oct-Dec

All packages are shipped via USPS.

Live Arrival and Accuracy Guarantees you can count on!



Minimum to Ship Shipping Cost

Shipping May thru September

Min = 3

Shipping Jan- April

Min =12

Quack Pack 

10 or More Mix and Match

      Always Ship Free! 

Duckling Shipping Charges:

$30 Small Order Fee for less than 10

$24.99 for 3-14ducklings

$14.99 for 15-25 ducklings

FREE Shipping on orders of 25+ ducklings

**Hint**  Mix & Match Ducklings and Goslings to Meet Shipping Minimums Year Round!


Shipping May thru September

Min = 3

Shipping Jan- April

Min =6

Gosling Shipping Charges:

$55.99 for 2-4  goslings

$24.99 for 5-7 goslings

$14.99 for 15-25 goslings

FREE Shipping on orders of 25+ goslings

**Hint**  Mix & Match Duckings and Goslings to Meet Shipping Minimums Year Round!

$59.99 for 2-4, $24.99 for 5-7, Free for 8+.
Swans 1


Shipped via Delta Cargo in most situations. Must be picked up at the cargo department of your local airport. 

**Guarantees on Swans require a USPS Damage Claim Form to be filled out at your local post office or airport personnel upon pick up and submitted to us within 48 hours of arrival**

Premium Waterfowl 


Adult Call Ducklings

Ducklings Ship March thru June

Min= 6


Fully Feathered Call Ducks (adults and juveniles) 

Min =2

6 or more birds from  Premium Waterfowl 

      Always Ship Free! 

Day-Old Ducklings ship for Free with a minimum of 6 as part of the Premium Waterfowl category.

Juveniles and Adults ship 2 per box. Each box of 2 birds will cost $119 to ship. The shipping cost is as follows:

$119 for 2 Ducks

$238 for 4 Ducks

$357 for 6 Ducks

$467 for 8 Ducks


*We WILL combine and ship more per box in an effort to reduce shipping costs whenever size allows.

Wild Ducks 1

$174 for every 1-2 birds.  More than 2 birds require additional packaging costs.

**Please note: Pinioned birds will have an additional wait time to allow their wings to heal from the surgical procedure.  Once your order is sent, it is considered a customized product and you will not be refunded should you choose to cancel your birds.  

Guarantees on Wild Ducks require a USPS Damage Claim Form to be filled out at your local post office upon pick up and submitted to us within 48 hours of arrival.  




Minimum to Ship Shipping Cost

Guinea Keets

(except French)

*available May - July



Additional $30 Small Order Fee for 3-14 

French Guinea Keets

*available Year Round

April thru October

Min= 15

November - March


Free Shipping
Ring Neck Pheasants 25 Free Shipping
Ornamental Pheasants 1

 **Pheasant Box Charge is $37.50 per box. A single box will hold up to 4 Light pheasants or 2 Heavy Pheasants.  Additional pheasants (ie 5 pheasants will require an additional box charge. All box charges and shipping fees are included in the shipping fees listed on your check-out pages as follows.

***Heavy Pheasant Breeds are twice the size and weight of the Lightweight breeds and will count as twice the quantity listed below for shipping costs**

1-2 Birds $237.50 shipping and $37.50 box charge =$275
3-4 Birds $337.50shipping and $37.50 box charge =$375
5-6 Birds $400.25 shipping and $75.00 box charge =$475.25
7-8 Birds $400.00 shipping and $75.00 box charge =$575
9-10 Birds $592.50 shipping and $112.50 box charge=$705
11-12 Birds $712.50 shipping and $112.50 box charge= $825

Guarantees on Ornamental Pheasants require a USPS Damage Claim Form to be filled out at your local post office upon pick up and submitted to us within 48 hours of arrival. 


Domestic Eggs=

Min = 12

Ornamental Eggs

Min= 6

Live Quail Minimums Vary by Breed/Age


Free shipping on chicks and eggs.

Juvenile and Adult Quail Shipping Prices will be displayed on the product page.

**LIVE QUAIL CHICKS ARE GUARANTEED FOR LIVE ARRIVAL ONLY - Must be Reported within 24 hours of arrival.


Minimum Per Breed/Color= 5

Minimum in an order to ship= 5


Heritage Turkey..............

$59.99 for 5-14 poults

$29.99 or 15+



Broad Breasted Turkeys......

: Free Shipping




Free Shipping for 8pk of peachicks.

$400 shipping per box of Juveniles or adults. 1 box will fit 1 Male/Female Pair or 1 Female/Female Pair or 1 Single Male


Guarantees on Peafowl require a USPS Damage Claim Form to be filled out at your local post office upon pick up and submitted to us within 48 hours of arrival. 

Exotics 1

Free Shipping

Guarantees on Exotics require a USPS Damage Claim Form to be filled out at your local post office upon pick up and submitted to us within 48 hours of arrival. 



Minimum to Ship Shipping
Chicken Hatching Eggs 12

$25 for the first dozen, add $6/doz after

1-12 ships for $25

13-24 ships for $31

25- 36 ships for $37

**Over 100 eggs will be discounted shipping

Waterfowl Hatching Eggs 12 Free Shipping
Quail Hatching Eggs 12  Free Shipping

 ** Hatching Eggs DO NOT CARRY A HATCHING GUARANTEE - We guarantee fertility ONLY and low fertility claims MUST be filed AFTER day 10 of Incubation AND BEFORE the eggs HATCH. 

Hatching Eggs will ship to your mailbox and are not usually held for pick up at the USPS




Varies by Product Weight/Size

(see product page for more information)

Apparel 1

Varies by Product Weight/Size

(see product page for more information)



Thanks for checking this out and doing your due diligence!  It's in everyone's best interest for our birds to arrive to you Alive and Well.  In every situation, we ship all baby chicks the same day that they hatch. When they arrive, they are 24-72 hours old. Day-old chicks ship Monday thru Wednesday.  Baby chicks ingest the yolk before they hatch which is enough to feed the chicks and keep them happy until they arrive at their destination. We do try to include GroGel in the shipping package whenever possible. ALL BIRDS MUST BE PICKED UP WITHIN 8 HOURS OF ARRIVAL for the health and safety of the birds. Birds not picked up within 8 hours will be rehomed whenever possible and will not be covered under our Guarantees

Live Chicks are Guaranteed for Live Arrival ONLY. You may add additional coverage at the time of purchase.  Losses must be reported within 24 hours of pick-up. Click HERE to read our Guarantees page.

We try to have tracking numbers for our orders, but it does not happen all of the time and they are not always accurate in the current USPS Climate. Please watch your email for notification and stay tuned for a phone call from the friendly folks at the USPS to arrange for the pick up of your live birds. In most cases, Hatching Eggs and Supplies will be delivered to your mailbox. 

 It may take 12-24 hours from the actual shipment for "your order has shipped" notification emails to arrive to you. Please expect delivery of live poultry after 48-72 hours from the time they shipped. You must pick up your birds within 8 hours of arrival.


- Please note: We cannot ship to PO Boxes.
- Our suppliers impose small order fees, which we must pass on to you.  To avoid a simply order fee, simply increase the size of your order.   


Cancellations: Because we are dealing with live animals and tiny beating hearts,  we would like to avoid cancellations whenever possible. All cancellations are subject to a $10 fee. For orders over $100, a 10% fee will be applied. No cancellations within 10 days of the scheduled shipping date. You will be permitted cancellation within 24 hours of placing your order IF your ship date is scheduled to ship in a week or less of your submission date. If you decide to cancel your order, please call or email us with your order number and the reason for cancellation. *If you order pinioned wild ducks, we cannot accept cancellations. Sometimes it is necessary for Purely Poultry to cancel an order, and we reserve the right to do so. If we cancel your order, you will be issued a full refund of your purchase price. ***

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