Cornish Bantams

Cornish Bantams
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Day Old Cornish Bantam Chicks

  • Exhibition/Pets
  • 2 Eggs per week
  • Docile, vocal
  • Cockerel 40 ounces, Pullet 32 ounces
  • APA All other combs/clean legged bantams


The Cornish bantams were first introduced to the public as Indian-Game bantams in 1887. The same ingredients of the large fowl Cornish, the Aseel, Black Red Pit Game, and Black Red Malay, were used to create the bantam, with the addition of crossing the bird with a Black Red Game bantam to create its bantam size. The Indian-Game name was officially switched to the Cornish in 1920. It is unclear when the bird was first imported to the United States, however, the bird first appeared at the St. Louis show in 1904.


  • Model: CORB

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Cornish Bantams

Cornish Bantams

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