Rhode Island Red Bantams

Rhode Island Red Bantams
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Day Old Rhode Island Red Bantam Chicks

  • Ehibition/ Pet/egg laye
  • 3-4 eggs per week
  • Docile, friendly , good for backyard flocks
  • Cockerel 30 oz, Pullet 26 oz
  • APA Single comb clean legged bantam

The Rhode Island Red Bantam is a delightful bantam breed that is docile, small, and a wonderful layer, just like the large fowl version. They are perfect for a backyard that requires minimal space. 

 The Rhode Island Red Bantams originated in the United States and have been around since the 1920s. They have been increasingly popular for their temperament and eggs in the backyard setting. They were admitted by the American Poultry Standard of Perfection in 1940.

They have a long, broad, and deep body making them have a brick-like appearance overall. They should follow the counterparts of the large fowl version of the Rhode Island Red in body type.


  • Model: RIRB

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Rhode Island Red Bantams

Rhode Island Red Bantams

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