Blue Sumatra Chickens

Blue Sumatra Chickens
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Day Old Blue Sumatra Baby Chicks

Hatching February to July.

If you are looking for a beautiful bird to decorate your flock, the Blue Sumatra is for you. Please note that when you order any blue variety from Purely Poultry, you may also receive chicks with black or splash patterns as well.

Production: Sumatras are quite small and fairly slow to mature, so they are not generally raised for meat. They are not great layers, either, with each hen producing about 100 eggs per year. Blue Sumatras are generalized as ornamental birds, bred for exhibition, or as pets.

Temperament: While Sumatras have a reputation for being aggressive, many owners say that they are quite calm. All roosters can be unruly, of course, and Blue Sumatra roosters are no exception. However, they have also been known to behave as "peacekeepers" because they do not allow other roosters to squabble with one another.

History: Sumatras are a very old breed, and it is believed that they are somehow related to jungle fowl. It is also suspected that they are the ancestors of several modern breeds, including Old English Game Fowl and Silkies.

Sumatras retain several "wild" characteristics. They do not like to be confined in small cages and they are considered good fliers. While Sumatras are most definitely chickens, they are often compared to pheasants, partially because of their long tail feathers and partially because they just have an untamed look to them.

Colors: Blue Sumatras are a bluish-gray color. As with all blue varieties of chickens, any clutch will include chicks with blue, black, and splash patterns. That is just the nature of genetics, but it makes the Blue Sumatra somewhat rarer than the Black Sumatra.

Livestock Conservancy Status: Critical. This means that more breeders are needed to preserve this ancient and beautiful variety of chicken.

Body Type: Sumatras are quite small. Males have long, flowing tail feathers, pea combs, virtually no wattles, and multiple spurs - sometimes as many as three on each leg.

Standard Weights: Rooster 5 lbs, Hen 4 lbs, Cockerel 4 lbs, Pullet 3.5 lbs

Classification: American Poultry Association Class: All other Standard Breeds

  • Model: BLSC

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Blue Sumatra Chickens

Blue Sumatra Chickens

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