Indian Red Jungle Fowl

Indian Red Jungle Fowl
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Day Old Indian Red Jungle Fowl Baby Chicks

Chicks hatching from February to July.

Indian Red Jungle Fowl are very healthy birds that require little maintenance. While they can be kept in a backyard coop, it is not necessary. The skittish nature of this bird combined with its roosting instinct makes it the perfect free-range chicken.
These low-maintenance pet chickens are excellent foragers. When kept in the backyard in either a movable coop or as a free-range fowl, the chickens will supplement their diet with insects. The chicken's excrement acts as an excellent fertilizer, and as long as they are not confined to one area, the yard will benefit from their presence.

Interested parties can find day-old chickens for sale here. Chickens are shipped through the postal service. During the last stages of a chicken's development, the yolk is drawn into the stomach. This provides all the nourishment that the chicken needs for the first few days of its life. For that reason, day-old chicks can easily be shipped. Older chicks would need a source of fresh food and water.

Production: The egg color is white with slight tinting.

Temperament: Red Jungle Fowl do not like to be handled. Their wild disposition and roosting instinct make them an ideal choice for free rangers.

History: Indian Red Jungle Fowl are thought to be the progenitor of all domesticated chickens. This species originated in Asia.

Color Description: Males are brightly colored with large bright red combs. The upper neck, back feathers, and the tips of the wings are bright orange. The lower body feathers tend to look black at a distance, but shine metallic green or gray in the sun.

Hens have dull brown, gold color that enables them to blend into their surroundings. This offers the hen additional protection from predators when nesting.

Baby Chicks have light brown or gold coloring with black streaks on the back and around the eyes.

Status: The Indian Red Jungle Fowl are a rare chicken breed.

Body type: Indian Red Jungle Fowl are slightly smaller than the average chicken, with a small tear-shaped head. They carry themselves in a very upright position similar to that of a pheasant.

Weights: Rooster 4.5 lbs, Hen 3 lbs, Cockerel 4 lbs, Pullet 2.5 lbs

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Indian Red Jungle Fowl

Indian Red Jungle Fowl

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