Hatchery Choice Long Tail Chickens

Hatchery Choice Long Tail Chickens
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Day Old Hatchery Choice Long Tail Baby Chicks


Hatchery choice means those that have not been sold as specific breeds or varieties. We do not guarantee a variety. It is possible to get all of one kind. We do not mark or record the kind sent.

Long Tail chickens are great for backyards because they are docile, do well in confinement, and they're very pretty. There are two breeds of Long Tails that might be included: Phoenix and Yokohama. Yokohama colors that might be included are white, red-shouldered, or silver. The Phoenix comes in the following varieties: black-breasted red, silver, or golden.

In terms of egg production, the Yokohama and Phoenix each lay about 1 egg per week. The Yokohama lays small eggs, whereas the Phoenix lays medium ones.

Both breeds are docile. They're generally not brooders, but the Phoenix can get broody when it comes to the eggs. The Phoenix isn't friendly, but they're good mothers. Both breeds do well in confinement, and neither is hardy in winter.

Both breeds have a history that goes back to Japan. They've since varied from their ancestors as the chickens were imported and bred with other breeds throughout Europe and America.

The White Yokohama is all white with a red head and yellow beak and feet. The Red-Shouldered Yokohama looks very much like the White Yokohama, save for the patch of red on the back of the Red-Shouldered. The Silver Duckwing variety has black breast and tail feathers and silver top feathers.

The Silver Phoenix has silvery-white top feathers, black breasts, and red combs and wattles. The Golden Phoenix looks the same but has a golden tint in its feathers.

The Phoenix has a single comb with five points. The male's comb and wattle are medium, whereas the females are small. The earlobes are medium and oval. The Yokohama is similar to the Phoenix except for two notable differences: Yokohama have no wattles, and their combs are cushion-walnut.

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Hatchery Choice Long Tail Chickens

Hatchery Choice Long Tail Chickens

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